Supported by Hartwig Art Foundation – 2023-2025

Silvia Martes has been selected by the Commissioning Committee 2021/23 to follow an extensive educational and research journey, aimed at establishing the foundation for a new work. For 1.5 year, the artist will follow a NYU online course in Writing Great Characters for Film and TV, participate in a residency programme at the Delfina Foundation, meet with experts from the field and further her education at the Prague Film School. During this dedicated period, her focus will be on crafting a synopsis, developing a screenplay and a detailed storyboard which will eventually result in the production of a film trailer (in 2025).

“Silvia Martes creates experimental films in which she addresses various social issues in a compelling manner. In her creative process, she also designs the sets herself, exemplifying a interdisciplinary approach that extends beyond traditional visual storytelling. The Commissioning Committee is pleased to contribute to the further development of her work practice. Silvia’s unique vision and distinctive approach lead the Committee to believe that this period of study and research with international peers will mark a pivotal chapter in her artistic journey. This will result in the production of a screenplay and trailer for her upcoming film.” – Charl Landvreugd